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CONTROLLED RISK SWAZILAND is a Matsapha based company specialising in

Offsite Monitoring Services &
CCTV surveillance systems

Our surveillance operators man their stations 24/7 to maintain operational protocols . All surveillance is recorded and archived for 30 days so that our clients have a record of entry and exit points, driver behaivour, employee behaviour and stock movements.
Off site surveillance allows us to keep an eye on your physical security, your premises and who has had access to the various areas of your business without being obtrusive or obvious.

24/7 Off Site Monitoring

Our 24/7 Remote Off-Site Monitoring centre ensures that YOUR premises are monitored at all times. While our 30 day backups allow you valuable insights into site operations should you need to enquire.

Video Fleet Tracking

Our Video Fleet Tracking is not just a mapped report of where your fleet has been. We provide video footage of what's happening in the cab. Not only can we tell you where your vehicles are, but who is in them and what they are doing.

Access Control Solutions

For clients with access control requirements we provide state of the art solutions to sensitive areas of your premises.

'Event' Management

When an event occurs whether it is a fire, a flood, theft, unauthorized access or a breach of saftey protocol, CRS will manage the event from start to finish.
This is done by following standard operating procedures (SOPs) as discussed with you, our client.


Our control room is linked to all client alarm systems enabling our surveillance operators to clearly and immediately assess any suspected security breach and react instantly.

An additional function to the CCTV surveillance system is a 'Speak to site audio facility' from our monitoring station which enables potential intruders to be warned off even before they attempt to enter your site. This function also ensures the physical security employed on the site are alerted to any potential problems.

Surveillance CCTV is not just about catching the bad guys. It's also about protecting people and ensuring accountability to standards of behaviour.


Controlled Risk Swaziland was registered on 28th April 2011.

CRS is fully accredited and trained by the product manufacturer and is an authorized representative and distributor ensuring that the system installations are correctly designed to meet off-site moritoring standards and requirements.
We design, supply and install all required equipment based on the tailored needs of each individual client.

  • Investment


    CRS invests heavily in the training of our Surveillance Operators and Technicians on an ongoing basis. We incorporate a supervisor/training officer on every shift, thus ensuring that we maintain standards above our clients expectations.

  • Training


    CRS Technicians are trained on South African and International CCTV products that are researched, developed, engineered and manufactured for our local conditions.

  • Scalable Monitoring Service

    Scalable Monitoring Service

    CRS Monitoring service is highly scalable, enabling local and remote control of any CCTV system, from an entry level analogue camera system with only a few cameras to large IP CCTV systems. Existing systems are converted to remote monitoring without current system obsolescence. 

We would be happy to discuss your needs with you!

About our Managing Director

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Peter Burke


Managing Director

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Peter Burke has a lifetime of experience with security and related industries. After spending 22 years in the British military, he has spent the last 20 years assisting a number of organizations including the US State department, Dept of Defense and various embassies around the world with Security Training, Development and Logistics. An exceptional project manager, Peter has a proven track record of achievement in troubleshooting and implementing change successfully and efficiently. With extensive experience managing complex cultural mixtures he has the ability and understanding to plan, direct and deliver targeted results on time and within budget.

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Our Clientele includes but is not restricted to


Fast Moving Consumable Goods

Swazi Pharmacuetical

Stock Control

Mormond Electrical


Electrical Component Suppliers

AD Enterprises

Warehousing and Fleet Management Surveillance


Premier Bakeries

Milling Division

Swaziland Beverages

Swaziland Beverages

Beverage Production

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